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Tea Genic Wellness

Breath Easy Bath Salts-cold-cough-illness-helper-health-therapeutic-healing-bath-soak-gift-relax-unwind-warm-hot-tub-all natural-pure

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Winter getting you down? feeling under the weather? a little stuffy? Try our Breath Easy bath salts to relax and clear your mind, lungs and nostrils.


-High in antioxidants.
-May relieve cold symptoms.
-May treat dry skin.
-May reduce pain.
-May promote relaxation.
-Can help keep your teeth healthy.
-Can act as a natural insect repellent.

Tea Tree:

- treat minor cuts
-Treats burns
-Treats acne
_Treats athlete's foot
-Treats mild fungal nail infections
-Treats vaginal yeast infections
-Treats lung problems (in bath or vaporizer)

Sweet Orange:

-Helps calm anxiety
-Aids in digestion
-Treats insomnia